MAD -Up to the top of Knocknarea and back again – Brown Ice Included

by sligowarriorqueen

Sligowarriorqueen : up to the top of Knocknarea in Strandhill, Co Sligo and back again –  I did it this evening -can’t believe it.  So now I have done the route albeit  in two parts. I had not been  up Knocknarea since last summer and half way up I realised I had never walked up without stopping, never mind run up it.  Well,  I did not run all the way, but I did not stop either.  I got dropped off at the car park by my warrior king and two warrior princesses who promised faithfully to return in half an hour.

Off I went. MAD.  That is all I can say.  Stones, rocks, streams puddles verging on ponds.  That was only going up.  Coming down, don’t look ahead, look down.  I am so glad I will be in the back of the field – watching for myself was hard enough, having to look out for other runners is just way too much responsibility for this novice warrior queen (if I drop, I am liable to bring 10 others with me).  Then I hit it – the brown ice.  Unique, I believe to this country.  I first came across it when I used to go to motorcycle road races around the 32 counties of our isle.  It is not muck, it is not clay, it is not put there by machine or human nor is it frozen.  Think four legs and moo.  Anyway, I only encountered one isolated patch, and got down safe to be collected by my warrior in our chariot.  Knocknarea has been hanging over me, or should I say above me.  I had intended to run it ages ago and it was preying on my mind.  Now I have made that pilgrimage to Queen Maeve and look forward to joining another 799 on Saturday week.  MAD?  Undoubtedly.  Worth it?  I think it will be.


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